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New coupon for you!

we now have a new coupon for our store at Use code ‘WEAREBACK’ at checkout to get 65% off your cart

We are back!

missed us? We are now back with a diy hosting and you can join us with the ip the network has towny and factions atm, but more servers will come soon   hope to see your there, ofir aviel – the owner

PlayzCraft is shutting down!

hello everyone! PlayzCraft has ran out of money again, and unless we raise more money, PlayzCraft will remain dead! first, i want to thank all of my staff members for being online second, i want to thank all of the players that ever played on the server so, this is the end, goodbye everyone ofir… Read more »

The server is now closed!

The server is now closed, and will be open again at 19/04/2018 More info about why you can find in the link below Sorry for the inconveniences, Ofir aviel – the owner

We are now an op prison!

For those who doesnt already know, we are now an op prison server. we also have skyblock and plots. thats all for today, ofir aviel – The Owner